Saturday, May 21, 2011

Poem Dialogue


Are you making a sandwich?

No dear, I’m not.

Oh. Well, tomato with mayo would sure hit the spot.

Here you go, darling.

There’s no need to pout.

I’m done in the kitchen and I’m going out.

Are YOU rattling the tea things?

NO. (To be concise.)

A cuppa with sugar and milk would be nice.

Here YOU go darling,

Shall we dine in the den?

It’s good to be eating together again.


steven said...

pauline the header photo is breathtaking! the poem is close to my remembering of conversations i've overheard between married couples. steven

Judith said...

I just finished a good dinner, and looking at the sandwich photo has made me hungry all over again!
Wicked good shot.

Brian Miller said...

smiles. i will take a tomato sandwich too...ha.

and i have no problem serving my wife...

Pauline said...

Steven - thank you - it's an early morning misty shot of the pond across the road from my cottage. I get to see similar sights every day...

Judith - see if Frank will play along ;)

Brian - me too. My folks used to play this game. It's the inspiration for the poem

Marion said...

Superb shot of that sandwich...I haven't had breakfast and it really has made my stomach growl. Perhaps I should ask Graham if he's making some scrambled eggs, heh!...Super poetry!! xo