Sunday, March 06, 2011

Good-bye, Hello!

Winter dragging its raggedy robes...
Yesterday the sky was the blue of a new baby's eyes. Today it is as grey and silvery as the first catkins I spied on my walk. Rain makes the landscape a blur of soft browns and hopeful yellows with a smear of red osier at meadow's edge, all signs that the sap is rising and spring is coming. Temperatures have risen steadily over the past few hours until the thermometer reads close to fifty degrees! The air smells of suddenly exposed earth, and into the soft morning tumble the territorial songs of the returning red-winged blackbird, the wild chirping of robins, the plaintive little two-note song of the chickadee. A south-facing lilac holds burgeoning buds to the light. In the small feeder pond, the ice is melting. Yesterday a group of ice fishermen sloshed through ankle-deep ice melt that covered the surface of the big mill pond.

This is the Old Man stage of winter. His beard is stained and scruffy. His white robes, once pristine and trimmed with sun-sparked diamonds is now raggedy and dirty at the edges. He may howl on his way out, but out he is headed and behind him, with flowery breath and sweet song dances April.

First of the silvery catkins.


steven said...

winter's raggedy robes got cleaned up here yesterday. an entire day of rain that turned to ice pellets and then snow. but pauline you're absolutely right - it's on its way and gradually it will all return to the big water cycle and come back as warm rain for the plants to enjoy. steven

Brian Miller said...

sigh, i guess its not nice to kick him in the tail to get him moving a bit faster eh?

Tabor said...

Nicely done...yes winter is like that.

Judith said...

Scruffy? Yes, indeed. If we can help speed him on his way, just tell us how!
Loved your description of the birds, returning.

Ruth D~ said...

I've been thinking of you. I knew you'd put this transition into spring into beautiful words.

Reya Mellicker said...

Yep. Winter has worn itself out ... time to move on, sir, down below the equator please.

Soft browns and hopeful yellows - yes!

I, too, notice my sense of smell in spring. When it's really cold, I can't smell anything.

Happy spring, Pauline!

Brian Hayes said...

That muddy sloppy snow of spring, yuick, but I'll see it forevermore as "Winter dragging its raggedy robes..."


Pauline said...

Steven - we've had a day and a half of rain and still have over a foot of snow on the ground!

Brian - I'd like to ;)

Thanks, Tabor. March is such a messy month!

Judith, there was a whole flock of starlings on the ground under my feeder this morning!

Thank you Ruth - I love this time of year despite the cold and last furious snowstorms.

Happy Spring right back Reya, though you will be happily ensconced in yours way before I am.

Brian - it could be words ;)

Hilary said...

Winter is just a dirty old man. ;)