Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Little February Romance

Photo of amaryllis by Judith at A View From the Woods


In that red dress
that spills down her body
like paint,
she is an amaryllis
in a winter room.
Heads turn;
the air is on fire.
When the music starts
she turns,
and when they dance,
she is all he needs to know of flowers.


Molly said...

How romantic!

Judith said...

Sensuous poem! Got more life than 99 99/100% of the Valentines out there!

(BTW, Frank just read it and said with a smile, I understand that one! He's from the poetry-tone-deaf people, so that's quite a coup, my dear.)

Brian Miller said...

ah...lovely close...smiles. all he needs to know of flowers...

Marinela Reka said...

Very fine write, loved it :)

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steven said...

i am a fan of flowers - and the amaryllis has something of all that you shared here. steven

Lee said...

Beautifully written, wickedly sensuous!

Anne said...

A lovely lyric.

Pauline said...

Molly - funny what springs to mind when I see something...

Judith - I'm glad Frank understood ;)

Brian - flowers and girls can do that to a guy

Thanks for the visit, Marinela

Steven - there's something about that luscious red...

Lee - a compliment indeed - it's what I was striving for

thanks, Anne