Thursday, October 21, 2010

Come on in and visit...
I came across an article recently that listed some small things the author was grateful for. I liked the way I felt reading it so I set about making my own thankful list, starting with the obvious – health, home, family, friends. But as I began to look around me, I realized that there are a number of actual things that, though I may have to dust or keep after them in some way, I am pleased to have. Here are a few.

Photographs: They are everywhere – on the walls, the fridge, my desk. They perch next to the books on the bookcase, decorate my nightstand, fill innumerable albums. The faces of my family and friends smile at me from every corner of my cottage, reminding me that though I may live by myself, I am not alone in the world.

Postcards: I often use them as bookmarks. To come across one unexpectedly is like making an unplanned visit. I re-read lines scrawled from Scotland, New Zealand, Costa Rica, New Orleans, Florida, California, Iowa, England - places my children or my friends have visited and thought to share with me. They’re the written equivalent of “reach out and touch someone.”

Books: Best friends in bindings, books are always there when you reach for them; steadfast, full of hidden depths and meanings revealed with every re-reading; repositories of information and insight; teachers, guidance counselors, comforters. One can never have enough books.

A lava lamp: Scoff if you will, but watch one in action and you will see a life lesson in the constant separating and reuniting of the lava ‘goo,’ a reminder that all of life begins and ends as part of the ONE.

Music: I used to own a phonograph and a whole slew of 45s but I traded them for a shelf full of CDs. Now my music comes from iTunes stored on my hard drive. I crank up the volume when I clean my cottage. Dusting is more fun when one dances with the dust rag.

Poetry: The written equivalent of music, poetry is an object lesson in “less is more.” It is distillation framed in discipline. If you want to see the essence of your days, write about them in verse.

Flowers: There are always flowers in my cottage. Geraniums bloom on the window sills, wild flowers in season come in with me when I return from my walks. I use flowers to gift a friend, celebrate an occasion, comfort the bereaved. Their beauty amazes me, soothes me, encourages me, delights me. First to greet the spring, last to celebrate summer, blooming even in the depths of winter, flowers are the finest teachers I know and the best antidote for whatever ails me.


Brian Miller said...

smiles. like your thankfulness list...we are on a 30 day exercise of each person in our family finding one thing each day to add to the list...after 30 days we will 120...and lookforward to remembering all the good things from the month...

Anonymous said...

I like your specific listing of common, everyday things for which you are thankful.

Along that line, thank you for your kind words!

Barbara said...

Such a refined list of favorites! The only surprise was the lava lamp. Good for you!

Molly said...

The best antidote for what ails me on any given day is to come here and read a post such as this one!

Pauline said...

Brian - love the thing a day lists. I do that too before I go to sleep :)

Thanks for stopping by, kcinnova

Barbara - I turn that lamp on every day - it's a soothing thing to watch.

Molly - thank you! You're a peach.

Judith said...

Loved the list ---
But was mucho surprised as I looked around that we don't overlap at all!
And I never had the fun of having a lava lamp, so not that, either.
A funny old world, but all the better for having you in it, m'dear.

kathew said...

love love your list! Sent it on to a dear friend who does have a lava lamp!

Marion said...

I keep flowers everywhere as well. In the winter, when there is nothing but snow for as far as the eye can see, I add a bundle of fresh flowers into the grocery cart. There is nothing that can lift my mood as well as a vase full of fresh flowers.

I have my photos on the computer, which rotates them on the screen. It's lovely to catch a glimpse of a photo taken years ago...and mostly forgotten, until it pops up to remind me of days gone by.