Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Ready and waiting for some serious nap time!

In the past four days I've been:

- wakened at midnight by a marauding fox (it was after the cat but settled for a duck that didn't make it into the duck house in time);

- stuck in traffic on I-495, making my usual 2-1/2 hour trip to see the grandkids into a 3-1/2 hour nightmare complete with 88 degree temps and no air conditioning in the car;

- a cheerleader at my granddaughter S's gymnastics show, my grandson J's baseball game, S's marathon Father's Day round-robin softball tournament and an afternoon of poolside napping in the heat while the grands swam and played in the water (their parents were on duty);

- a delighted (and well-fed) guest at parties for my two sons' birthdays, and a Father's Day cookout;

- a happy participant at a riverside picnic;

- a willing chauffeur for my eldest son while he's visiting from the West Coast.

Tomorrow is clean-the-cottage-weed-the-gardens-do-the-laundry-and-shopping day, Thursday is mini-family and friends reunion day, and Friday we are off to northern Vermont for B's 25th high school reunion and a visit to my friend who, at 102, has been quite ill.

I'm waving at you all. Back next week, right after I take a really LONG nap :)


Tabor said...

Be brave...you are already busy.

Tabor said...

Be brave...you are already busy.

Brian Miller said...

just remember to take time to breathe...smiles. most of those sound like fun things...a fox?

Molly said...

Summertime.....and the livin' is ......hectic, but lots of fun, by the sound of it! Enjoy Vermont!

Barbara said...

You are one busy lady! I hope your elderly friend in Vermont is better. Have fun on your travels.

steven said...

that reads like a busy happy lovely summer. napping is one essential feature of my weekends and then especially the summer. so enjoy one. wake when you want!!! steven

Sky said...

sounds like summer days filled with great fun!

sorry your friend is ill. :(

my wishes for safe travel and restful naps in the breeze when you return. zzzzzzzzzzz

20th Century Woman said...

I think you'll need a nap! Have lots more fun.