Friday, January 22, 2010

Monuments to Imagination

My refrigerator has always been a repository for fine literature and great works of art. Stick figures drawn by tiny hands, mosaics made in art class from bits of colored paper, cartoons cut from newspapers, scrap paper quotes, their ends curling against magnets, a few photographs, a poem, a recipe or two—whatever catches my eye or piques my interest is apt to spend some time stuck to the door or the side of the fridge where I can see it often.

Since magnetic poetry was invented, my refrigerator has also become a poet’s corner. My kids gave me the artist’s version for Christmas. Words like sculpt, create, and masterpiece abound and short poems, one-liners, and clever quips are blossoming like forced paperwhites all over the door.

For example, “Live wild, weld nude.” (The thought gives one pause, doesn’t it?) How about, “dazzle with metaphor,” or “chisel her beauty in concrete.” One of my favorites, “stop inside and water the moon,” is right next to, “she is more like an angel than I imagined.”

I’m especially taken with a short poem that appeared behind a departing guest. “Come see the glorious green water, like harmony and rhythm painted on a shimmery canvas.” You can tell a lot about people by the poetry they leave behind.

Now and then, I take all the phrases apart, scramble the words and lean against the counter, letting my eyes scan the offerings until some new combination appears. The words seem to associate on their own. The next thing you know, “black ink looms as a monument to imagination.”


Wisewebwoman said...

Oh where oh where can I get one of these.
Awesomely inspiring!!!

Tabor said...

I had these magnets on my refrigerator years ago and the kids had fun making poetry and phrases. It was fun and lovely. I must get the box out and try it again.

Barbara said...

Bravo for your literary refrigerator! May the words just keep combining.

Pauline said...

WWB - check out a bookstore. That's where mine came from. Have fun!

Tabor - it's a good source of inspiration.

Barbara - thanks, I'll keep you posted ;)

Flea said...

Yeah, found you again AM!!
Thanks for the new link, great to be back.

Marion said...

I was so happy with my stainless fridge, until I discovered magnets no longer work. I'm back to using scotch tape and it isn't anywhere near to what the magnets were.

Now I have my magnets surrounding the still isn't the same!

Land of shimp said...

Words are so comfortingly beautiful, aren't they?

Even in ugly circumstances, a gorgeous arrangement of words can rescue us.

Thank God for the gift of extensive language.

And fridges, while we're at it ;-)

Russell said...

Okay - I like "live wild, weld nude"! That's a winner in my book! Heh!!

A few years ago my refrigerator was covered with magnetic letters and I found myself doing the same sort of thing -- making up little phrases that were silly but fun.

Reminds me a time I was in Canada as a child and went to a bingo event. The woman next to us filled in her card and in her excitement yelled "Ognib!!"

She kept yelling "Ognib!" and then a man yelled "Bingo!" There was some sort of fight over who should get the plastic flashlight - complete with two D batteries! Heh!!!

20th Century Woman said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad to return the favor since I find I love your writing.

I used to have those things on my refrigerator too, and they were great fun. I must get some more.

However, one must be careful to notice them frequently. One day at my daughter's house in England I was astonished to see some salacious and just plain obscene words and phrases. I said to her, "What on earth are you writing on your refrigerator?" She said, "Good heavens, that must be from a party Elizabeth (teen age daughter) had about a month ago. I hardly ever look at those things any more."

Pauline said...

Glad to have you back AD!

Marion - you'll have to magnetize a bit of wall space somewhere!

LOS - playing with words is one of my favorite games :)

Russell - I didn't write than one!

20th CW - I haven't had a teenager in the house for years and years but I've had to remove a naughty phrase every now and then after a party ;)

Meggie said...

My son & his partner used something similar to leave each other cryptic messages.
My fridge has artwork and medication routines.


Hi! I happened upon your blog, and so enjoyed this particular post because I can surely relate to it!

I not only like writing poetry; using those little word magnets, but my entire refrigerator is covered with magnets that hold photographs; drawings, magnets from places I've visited and it's so full I only have to 'wipe off' the door-handles (daily), because no one touches the rest of the refrigerator for fear of getting something soiled that would not be a good thing.

I even wrote a poem about my refrigerator - you might like to read it.

One of my two poetry blogs is:

I think the poem is almost at the top of the blog - complete with pleasant music to listen to.

I love your photography; your writings, and now have you on an rss feed.

My regards, Diane - Nevada

Brigitte said...

By chance, I came upon the title of your Blog and simply had to read it. Like you, I love words and languages, though your gift for using words to create poetry and images is sadly not one of my skills. Reading the posts with your splendid photography regularly, has become one of my particular daily pleasures.