Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year Haiku

Of Gods and Astrology

Janus and Pisces
look both ahead and behind.
The old is made new.


Kass said...

Pauline, I wandered over from Dick's blog because of your simply perfect comment.....and.....I'm kind of.....speechless.
Your blog is STUNNING! - wordwise and imagewise. Thank you so much for your expressions!

Pauline said...

thank you, Kass! I've enjoyed reading your words as well.

Tom Bailey said...

I like this photo very much it is a very relaxing picture. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Reya Mellicker said...

And this year Janus and Pisces have a triple whammy planned for us: a blue full moon and lunar eclipse on New Year's Eve.

Duck and cover!!

Barbara said...

Your photo says it all for me. New is a good thing.

Land of shimp said...

Very nicely done, Pauline. It is funny the associations we form with specific things. For me Haiku will be forever tied to the strangest thing: Spam. As in the canned meat.

I know, I know, how strange and it is probably best that I don't share the Spam haiku I read years ago.

Just thought I'd share the thought. The oddness of "whenever I see a Haiku, even exceptionally well done ones, I now think of Spam". We are funny creatures.

goatman said...

the cold is in me
my bones shiverwith the chill
hope for warm is near

My contribution . . .

Pauline said...

Cool, goatman!

LOS - how can you leave such a comment without an example?

Most of the time, barbara...

Reya - don't you love all the celestial stuff, though?

Thanks, tom - come again!