Sunday, December 13, 2009

Between the sky-blue-pink
hours of today
snow and then rain
fell from a quilted sky,
the trembling branches of a fir tree
yielded to the ax,

squirrels vied with birds
for suet and seed,
ordinary objects were
wrapped and ribboned into
gifts, soup bubbled on
the back of the stove,
while the cat, wise soul,


TomCat said...

the cat, wise soul,

Amen!! ;-)

Meggie said...

Cats are wise indeed!!
Lovely words & images, as usual.

joanne said...

i'm with the sleeping cat too... though only after having some of the soup bubbling on the stove...

Pauline said...

the cat is good at that, Tom. I should take a lesson.

Thanks, Meggie. Often the cat is wiser

Joanne - stop in and sip soup!

Barbara said...

The best part of the holidays is the preparation. It's the smells and tastes that let you know Christmas is on its way. There's nothing better than the smell of a fresh-cut fir.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Especially liked:

"snow and then rain
fell from a quilted sky,"


"ribboned" with "bubbled"