Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Slowly But Surely

A bout of bronchitis and a sinus infection coupled with a pinched nerve in my upper back have conspired to keep me indoors. Outside the grass has turned emerald under the falling rain and the daffodils have bowed their heads to the stiff wind. I catch the scent of wet earth and hear the birds chirping each time I open the door to let the cat in or out. Sometimes he curls up for a nap with me; other times he is as restless as I feel being cooped up.

Before I succumbed, I spent a morning laying out my new patio slates. Slowly the yard is being landscaped. When all is said and done, I will have a small, partially enclosed patio complete with flagstone terrace, several sections of weathered privacy fence and oodles of flowers surrounding an outdoor table and chairs. Above and below are photographs of the tentative flagstone placement. The smaller openwork cement squares will hold herbs. When it is completed, you're all invited to my new patio for a glass of iced tea.


Barbara said...

I really hope to take you up on that glass of iced tea on the new patio some day. I'm sure it will be lovely. I hope you are feeling 100% again soon.

xx, B

Paul said...

Hope the pinched nerve isn't connected to laying down the slate... Are you up on all the ways to try to reduce risk to your back? Lifting with your legs, taking breaks/changing positions if it's a repetitive motion, avoiding repeatedly twisting at the waist...

I'm a a bit of a zealot on all that. I had the classic middle aged "bad back" starting at only age 27. In my case it appears to have actually been a precursor to the pervasive musculoskeletal/neurological condition that started at age 37.

During my ten year "bad back" period - the "good ol' days..." - I found that if I hurt my back once, it set me up to make it more likely for me to have another incident. By "following the rules" I cut way down on the number incidents.

Ruth D~ said...

I hope you're feeling better, Pauline. Sinus infections are tough, from what I've heard. I look forward to more of your yard photos as you continue the project. It will look lovely . . . an little country garden.

Pauline said...

Barbara - I hope you do! What fun it would be to talk in person!

Paul - I went through a major back problem some years ago (cracked my tailbone and the subsequent turmoil in relation to that took more than 6 months to heal). This recent nerve pinch is due to ending up under the mattress I was trying to flip... don't ask ;)

Ruth - I am feeling somewhat zombie-like because I hardly ever take medicine and the one I'm on for the infection is the weakest formula they could find that would still do some good. I am anxious to get back to my patio. It's rained for the past 3 days - good for healing naps :)

red dirt mule said...

ooooooo -- gorgeous stone, pauline! the ole landscraper in me is a-drooling. and ooo-ing over the clever use of cement block.

i'll bring the lemon slices. and sugar. southern mules like their tea swweeettt! with a tang!

kinda like you!
xoxox for those aches and pains.
get well soon!

meggie said...

Hope you are feeling much better!

Pauline said...

RDM - mint will be growing in one of those ornamental cement blocks!

Thanks, Meggie - any day now, I hope!

Roberta S said...

Don't pour that tea without me. I'll be coming. In my bare feet. So I can absorb the smoothness and coolness of the slate. We'll also nibble on dainties and recite poetry, will we not?

I adore the idea of such a cozy patio offering the comfort of table and chairs and the sweet smell of herbs.

daringtowrite said...

Sending well wishes and feeling inspired by your patio plans to do some work in my own backyard.

Flea said...

How AM, I hope you are so much better by now. I looove peach flavoured iced tea, it's sells in our shops here. I'll have one for you.

Paul said...

Yeah, I forgot about that one - the tip about not ending up under mattresses you're trying to flip. I guess there's really no end to the stuff people need to do to avoid back problems.

Seriously, that tailbone thing must happen to a lot of people. My sister took a hard fall that injured her there in her teens and it only bothers her more with time.