Sunday, April 19, 2009

Out and Away

It's spring! I'm headed out to the garden to plant spinach and early potatoes, chard and peas. The seeds I saved from last year's heirloom tomatoes have sprouted and yearn at the window in the sunshine. When the first seeds have been planted and covered with soft earth, I will head to northern Vermont and a few days of vacation with my 101 year old friend Lora. No doubt we will spend some of our time planting her own early vegetables. Posts here may be scarce as the light lengthens and the days grow warmer but I'll check in on rainy days and late summer evenings. I'm off to play in the great outdoors.


Roberta S said...

Pauline, I am struck by the reference to "yearning". I feel it, the incompleteness of everything around me because of the yearning of seeds, and bulbs, even plants not yet purchased to be adopted and/or planted, watered, touched, and tended. The empathy I feel makes me restless while I wait for the appropriate time for a host of needy seeds, rhizomes, and rootstocks. Each having its own season of temperature and temperament.

Barbara said...

I'm singing "Inch by inch, row by row" as you plant. I think getting those first plants in the ground is what really marks the beginning of spring for you!

Pauline said...

Roberta - yearning for the sunshine and the rain and a spot to stretch their roots into the earth - it's all there in those tiny leaves. I feel that same restlessness you mention, which is one of the reasons I garden!

lol Barbara - that is one of my favorite Arlo songs! And yes, you're right - spring is definitely marked by garden planting!