Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Interview

Barbara asked me these five interview questions for a meme that's making the rounds:

1. If you had $1,000,000, what would you do with it?

Half a million things! Like establishing scholarships at the local high school and the four colleges my children attended; helping the fire station buy a new engine; giving gifts to the local library, the hospital, the police department. I’d help stock the food pantry every month and create funds for my children and grandchildren. I’d love to buy back my old homestead and start an organic farm where townsfolk could participate. Maybe I’ll need more than one million…

2. What have you learned from your children? What do you think they've learned from you?

My children have taught me patience, persistence, and the meaning of true love. From the oldest I’ve also learned a lot about respecting the earth and the importance of living green; from my second son I’ve learned how to see the possibilities in a predicament; from my elder daughter I’ve learned how to survive with a smile, and from the youngest I’ve learned how to believe in myself. And what have I taught them? I hope they’ve learned to see the possibilities in each morning, that everything changes and that’s okay, and that if they make sure they are the cake, everything else can be frosting.

3. What living famous person would you most like to have as a dinner guest, and why? What would you serve?

I’d love to talk other dimensions with author Richard Bach. If he couldn’t come perhaps cartoonist Bill Watterson would and we could talk Calvin and Hobbes. I make a wicked good chicken potpie using vegetables I put up from the garden. I’m not much good at formal dinners. Or maybe Annie Lamott would come and we could talk writing over a piece of homemade lemon meringue pie…

4. If you could re-do one thing in your life, what would it be?

If I redid one thing, everything would change. I am trying harder to make wiser decisions about men and money.

5. What are you most looking forward to when you are able to retire?

Not having to go to work! I don’t mind working and I like being busy but I hate that morning alarm and the ensuing rush. I have a long bucket list (travel here and abroad, write another book, publish some poetry, draw and paint, volunteer to hold babies in the nursery of a hospital, tell stories at library hour, spend more time with my grandchildren, etc.) so I doubt I’ll be bored.

Now, if you’d like to answer interview questions of my own devising:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick what they will be.)
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview
someone else.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask
them five questions.


Barbara said...

These answers are so PAULINE! I really wish I could give you that $1,000,000. It would be well spent I am sure!

Thanks for reminding me why I love to come here!

Pan's Island said...

Interview me please! lol.
P.S. I'm new to blogging - can you tell me what a meme is/stands for?

red dirt mule said...

hi pauline, girlfriend,

bears, giraffes, donkeys, mules, chikkins .... it IS becoming a zoo at RDM. Time maybe for some poetry or... who knows? I want to write a post about one of my favorite folk artists and i've promised the pottery people a post on guatemalan pottery ... but i saw the giraffe pix and loved them .... hence the post!

ok, so interview me. i promise to not be flippant, but as honest as i can be - understanding that under a different mood, i might have answered differently.

in return, tell me what animal you'd be if you were one! if you have a photograph of the animal, you can email it to me (my email address is located in my sidebar) ... otherwise, i'll choose a pic for you ..... deal?

i hope so.
i've missed stopping by here.
an oasis of serenity.
you don't know how fortunate you are!


red dirt mule said...

i meant my email is located in my profile sidebar .... geesh. yes memory problems are part and parcel of being a bi-polar bear .... smiles!

meggie said...

Excellent questions, with very thoughtful answers. Loved reading more about you.

Gary said...

This meme that is going around is so interesting. It is great to 'get to know' you through your answers. I didn't know for instance that you were a fan of Richard Bach. Since we are talking in theory about that dinner I would love to get an invite as well.

Seems you have a fantastic relationship with your children. How inspiring.

Pauline said...

Barbara - me too! Glad you enjoy coming to read here. It's a mutual admiration society :)

Pan - done! I will be interested in getting to know you better through your answers.

RDM - done and dusted :)

Thanks Meggie - reading your posts is an ongoing pleasure.

Gary - you're invited! And yes, my children and I have wonderful relationships, each one different, each one cherished.

Norma said...

You can interview me, but I really like these questions! And your answers are so interesting.

Pauline said...

You're welcome to the questions, Norma!

Norma said...

Thanks for interviewing me!

red dirt mule said...

Hi Pauline,

Thank you for the thought-full questions and your sweet comment. I've never enjoyed completing a meme so much (nor put as much effort into my responses). I hope more people participate - it's wonderful to see the 'other' side of a blogger:

A Mule Speaks


Molly said...

Oh, so fun to read the questions you were asked and to read your answers! I'm doing this too. It's just taking me ages! So much more fun than your garden variety meme!
At the mention of Anne Lamott I went scurrying to my bedroom to check....Sure enough! She's the author of a book I'm reading "Bird By Bird!" Is she a friend of yours?

Pan's Island said...

Pauline - thank you so much for interviewing me. The answers are finally up on my blog - I took my time on them. lol. Keep in contact!

Pauline said...

Molly - I wish I knew Anne Lamott personally but alas, it is only through her writing...