Saturday, September 15, 2007


This comes from a comment by Jujee on Lee’s site.

My favorites often don’t come in singles.

1. Favorite past-time? I love reading, hiking, piloting a small plane, writing, planting things, drawing, painting, dreaming. Whichever of those I’m doing at any given moment is my favorite.

2. Favorite item of clothing? An old blue sweater I’ve had for years. I bought it twenty years ago when I moved back here to live. It’s warmed me during the chilly winter months, comforted me when I needed a hug and no one was around, and cuddled me when I was ill and needed cuddling. It’s frayed and mended and shapeless and it’s the first thing I reach for when I get home.

3. Favorite jewelry piece? I don’t wear jewelry. “Ever?” asked an astonished friend. “Mostly never,” I said, and it’s true. But I have one necklace from my children that I wear when I get gussied up and another from my mother when I have a formal occasion to attend, which is hardly ever.

4. Favorite month? Like the past-times above, my favorite month is the one I’m in. I love warm weather, rainy weather, blustery snowy weather, weather on the cusp of change, hot and humid weather. I’m terrified of lightning and cyclonic winds. Otherwise, I’m happy with whatever the day brings.

5. Favorite number? Seven.

6. Favorite year at school? The last year of my masters degree – it was challenging and exciting and a time of furious learning. I loved it!

7. Favorite season? Summerfallwinterspring.

8. Favorite hair length? Long, ponytailed

9. Favorite expression on self? Smile

10. Favorite expression on others? Smile

11. Favorite chips flavor? As in potato chips? Sweet potato!

12. Favorite ice-cream flavor? Starbucks Coffee Java Chip

13. Favorite time of day? The hours between 4 and 7, both a.m. and p.m. The day is either beginning or coming to a close, and there is a pervading silent peace.

14. Favorite day of the week? Friday – the week is behind, the weekend ahead.

15. Favorite movie genre? Any non-violent, thought-provoking, laugh producing, emotional response evoking, 
story telling production.

Time: 9:24 p.m.
Date: 9/15/07
Setting: my cottage


meggie said...

I really enjoyed your meme, loved all your answers, agree with quite a few. Interesting.

Barbara said...

I especially like your movie genre. Those movies are increasingly hard to find amidst the violent offerings that seem to be so popular.

Mother of Invention said...

You'd be a great person to live in Canada as we have an "All-sorts" type of weather!

I think I'd love your blue is my favourite colour.
My hair is long and pony-tailed too mostly or up in a clip.
I love Friday for the same reason.
I do love jewelry and used to wear more when I taught,(especially all the seasonal stuff!) but still wear a fair bit.

We don't have sweet potato chips and now I'm wanting to try them!

Ruth D~ said...

Love those sweet potato chips. And nothing like a favorite old sweater. Nice to learn more about you.:>)

herhimnbryn said...

Good to know a little more about your P. Hallo!:)