Thursday, July 12, 2007


From Illusions by Richard Bach: “If God spoke directly to your face and said, ‘I command that you to be happy in the world, as long as you live,’ what would you do then?”

Question 2 reframed: What keeps us from being satisfied with our own stories about us?

Question 3 reframed: Most people think that fear of failure (at work, say) or the threat of dying from an illness exacerbated by lifestyle would be enough to make major changes for the better. Which would impact you more – being told that you were going to fail or die if you didn’t change, or that you could live a joyful life if you changed?


mikaelah said...

1. I would start laughing!

2. Confusion about who we really are.

3. I don't know. Since I am moving away from outside authorities I would see myself questioning stuff like this and going for a second opinion. The person I am thinking of for the second opinion is me. The questions I would ask would be
I am going to that true? Can I really know that for sure?
If I don't change I will die? Is that true? Can I know it for sure?
What happens to me and how do I treat myself and others when I think stuff like this is true? What kind of life do I lead if I believe such stories... and on and on... until I get to a place where it makes sense to all of me and it emerges inside of me so that I truly know what I want to do...not coming from a fear place or I need to get something so I will change to get it... just what is the truth of all of this for me right now.

Anonymous said...

1. I would ask Him how?

2. mm .. i think my answer to this would be too long, complicated and personal for a blog ...

3. well, we all know that dying is a given - from the moment of birth ..... and i know that i desire a joyful life ...... but first i have to get myself out of the way - i'm blocking my joy.

Mother of Invention said...

#3 is one of those 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other things and it depends on how we're wired. About equal for me I guess...depending on what was blocking my success at whatever I was trying to do.

Eg: dieting for all my ailments is hard no matter how to present the benefits.

welcome to my universe said...

2. I think because we always compare ourselves to others. We need to work on a 'personal best' mentality.

3. Being told you are going to fail or die just puts too much pressure on, it makes you impotent. Then you kind of feel 'what's the use in trying' If there's a promise of a joyful life or a positive reward, there is everything to live for and strive for.

Pauline said...

and again, welcome, I am nodding my head in agreement