Friday, November 01, 2013


Halloween was yesterday and my little owl and pussycat are back to their normal selves. But, last night they were among the ghosties and goblins that made their way along the streets, looking for treats.

The owl and the pussycat on the move...

I had fun making the costumes. What did we do before downloadable patterns? Ran to the store a few days before or made do with what we had. The Bean's owl costume is made of felt "feathers" stitched and glued on a purchased sweater with a fur lined hood. The babe's hat is decorated with pipe cleaner whiskers and a pink kitty nose.

Row of felt "feathers" line an attached felt cape for wing span.

The Bean wanted purple feathers (of course) and "don't hide my pocket sparklies, Nini." 
We all marched in a town-wide parade on Tuesday night. Halloween isn't much like it was when I was a child, where nearly everyone made their own costumes and masks, and herds of kids wandered our rural streets without fear of abduction or doctored candy. No trick-or-treater has ever found his or her way to my cottage, tucked away as I am. It was fun to be back in the magic of the night.


Brian Miller said...

haha those are awesome! i love hte little owl....and so cool your town has a parade...we did go door to door...about 25 houses or so....i had a skeleton and batman

Wisewebwoman said...

I sure miss the Halloween parties of my childhood and have no time for the commercialization of such special days.

Good on you for making these luscious costumes!!


Out on the prairie said...

I love these outfits. We had a huge cedar chest with a variety of old costumes and clothes and were required to make use of these unless we had another from a neighbor. I have eaten 5 bags of candy this month and need to stop. Wonder if Milky Way has a help line.LOL

Friko said...

Splendid costumes, what a jewel of a granny you are.

Nobody comes to my door either, we are at the end of a long dark drive, too far for kids who want everything NOW, without effort.

I never had Halloween as a child, it didn’t exist in Germany then. I am not sure that it exists now.

Anonymous said...

My kids are grown. No grandchildren. I live way down a country road where no one trick-or-treats. Sigh. It barely felt like Halloween! I'm glad you had fun. Love those costumes!!

Hilary said...

Oh you did such a fantastic job with those costumes. I just spent my last Halloween in a well-visited area. Next year (and this year for Frank) it will be just another night.

A Cuban In London said...

I must admit that I didn't enjoy Halloween this year. Our windows got egged because we didn't hand out any sweets. We still were nice to the children who came to knock on our door but.. Well, I'm glad your little ones had fun! :-)

Greetings from London.

Judith said...

Amazingly creative, these.
Such charming recreations of a favorite poem!