Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I stood and let the night fall 
down around me. 
At the horizon the sky 
was palest pink; 
directly overhead, 
when I craned my neck to see, 
a lone star pricked through 
the growing darkness. 

Crickets sang, and katydids, 
but the birds were silent. 
The air was soft and barely moved. 
We were quiet, the evening and I, 
contemplating each other. 
I wrapped my sweater around my shoulders 
and dreamed as the mantle of shadowy gray 
drifted silently down over 
what was left of the day, and me. 


Brian Miller said...

it is a peacefulness that settles over me at night...and in reading your words as well...smiles. love the cricket song too...

Tabor said...

Day is done, gone the sun.

Marc Leavitt said...

You've caught the nearly silent stillness of the moment.

Kerry said...

Beautiful and contemplative words, Pauline, so like you. This seems like a late August poem, somehow.

Pauline said...

Brian - yes, it's definitely a feeling of peace that steals over me, too.

Tabor - that tune always moves me to tears...

Marc - thanks :) I was hoping to.

Kerry - I like to think of others thinking of me that way, and yes, late August begins the melancholy time, beautiful and poignant at once.

Barbara Shallue said...

So lovely and a perfect description. Thank you!