Monday, July 23, 2012

Retirement, Phase I

My beloved cottage.
There have been a number of cottage projects over the past several weeks. The kitchen cabinets got a much needed overhaul, the bathroom walls got a new coat of paint, curtains were replaced, the bed got a new mattress, and the patio became a jungle garden replete with herbs, tomato plants the size of trees, and even a potato patch. The next great undertaking is to re-shelve the storage closet.

When the cottage was built it, was an addendum to the main house, connected to the same with a short but wide hallway. The new landlord has since walled off the door at his end and I was allowed to turn the hallway into a storage area. A kind but inept fellow offered to put shelves on the two long walls and for a while that sufficed. The materials he used were not meant for the long haul (or the influx of contents) however, and last year began to sag dangerously. I fully expected to be awakened some awful night by the crash of all my dishes, glass vases and sundry pans, boxes, bags, and crates stored there. Last summer my friend J and I braced the stronger of the shelves and unloaded the others. Free of their burden, the flimsy things collapsed, giving both J and I good smacks on heads and ankles.

This summer I have hired a bonafide carpenter to build new shelves of sturdy wood to replace the over-stressed press board. When he came to take measurements and discuss design, he stood at the open doorway and scratched his head. "You've got the proverbial ten gallons of shyte in a two gallon bucket," he observed.

How right he is!

The new closet design calls for a rod at the back for off season coats with a shelf below for footwear. Shelves will vary in height; there will be a place for my sewing machine, my art supplies, my dishes and vases, the vacuum, the suitcases, and all the odds and sods I've collected over the years and don't use often but can't do without. Construction starts next week. I will have to unload the closet before he begins so if you don't hear from me for awhile, it's because I'm buried somewhere under all my stuff!


Brian Miller said...

haha be careful it does not topple down on you...will be very cool once it is done i am sure...

Tabor said...

Since you seem to have a lot of energy for so late in a hot summer, when you are done, could you come over and look at some of my closets?

Judith said...

Good luck, Pauline. One of the bigger of the many big jobs! You'll be happy when it's done, though.

Out on the prairie said...

What a lovely little home.It sounds as if you are making some headway,it all takes time.I built homes for a number of years.

June said...

I daydream about how I would spend the first few weeks/months of retirement. Hauling out stored goods for later sorting and replacing is not on the list of activities.

Pauline said...

Brian - one experience of that is enough. This time I'll duck sooner!

Tabor - energy and ambition are not my strong suites but I need to get to the stuff in that closet too often to leave it the way it is. Necessity is often the whip of ambition!

J - I am happy just thinking about it ;)

OOTP - a house is an ongoing project, I think.

June, I couldn't wait for some free time to tackle these projects. I ca be lazy between bouts of ambition ;)