Saturday, June 09, 2012

Mind Photos

My swing at the edge of the yard.
There was no time for taking pictures this weekend so here are a few word snapshots:

Bean sat on my lap on the swing that hangs from a branch of the large maple at the edge of my yard. "Memere and Beanie are swinging," I sang as she leaned back and watched the leaves overhead. She smiled at me, at the tree, at the the bits of blue sky she could see through the canopy.

We went to visit the Moo, the Baaa, and the Ooo-oo-ooo-oo-ooooooo before lunch. "Hi," called Bean to the chickens. "Moo!" she said to the cows. She handed some grass through the fence to the sheep. Then we came home hand in hand to tell Mama all about it, but first we stopped to pick a dandelion and sniff at a wild phlox blossom.

The bride-to-be tried on the muslin prototype for her wedding dress. A tuck here, a dart there and we were both pleased. Next week the cream colored satin will be cut and stitched, green organdy will trim the sleeves and be fashioned into a sash. She will be a beautiful bride!

I kissed Daughter and Bean goodbye. Bean waved disconsolately from her car seat. I stood at the end of the drive and watched the car disappear around the curve. I will see them in two weeks' time. Still, I wept.


Brian Miller said...

awww....sorry the visit is over...sounds like it was fun...we went to a farm this morning and saw a bunch of animals and went horseback riding...very cool...

Joanna Jenkins said...

No need for photos, your beautiful words told the story so well.
xo jj

Tabor said...

What a talent to sew a wedding dress. I used to sew, but a wedding dress is a real job.

Out on the prairie said...

so very nice to share, those endings can be tough on us

Judith said...

So beautiful, Pauline. As vivid as snapshots, and as indelible.
I'm particularly fond of the OOO-OOO-OO-OOOOH myself. Sounds like Bean enjoyed them all. And of course The Memere. Lucky child.

Anne said...

Your post reminds me of lovely moments spent with my grandchildren. Those tears must have been, partly, tears of happiness.

All I can say about sewing a wedding dress is "WOW".

Anonymous said...

I felt like weeping with you, just imagining Bean's sad face! But I smiled as I watched you swing and have farm adventures. I could see it all. I hope the next two weeks fly by for you!

Hilary said...

Awww so very tender and sweet. Every child should have a Memere like you.

Pauline said...

Brian - all my grands love the next-door farm!

Thanks, JJ. I usually have the camera ready but this time we were just too busy!

Tabor - don't be too impressed. It's a very simple gown.

Hurts every time, OOTP

J - I'm the lucky one :)

Anne - yes, a lot of happiness mixed with longing. And the dress is a simple one; one long fall of satin with covered buttons and little cap sleeves.

Barbara - her face can look SO sad. I'm not sure that she understands why she has to go. She wanted me to get in the car!

Hilary - I LOVE being a Memere!

Marion said...

Ahh, I know well how it feels to say goodbye to those sad little faces, too young to understand goodbye. I always weep...I tell myself it's the Pisces coming out...I've read all signs can cry, but Pisces can really WEEP, haha! xx