Wednesday, March 02, 2011


March is the month
of smoke and mirrors,
all those grey skies,
those dancing flakes on
violent winds,
pond middles still iced in.
But oh, don’t be deceived.
There is light in the sky until
evening now, and warmth
in the noontime sun.
Spring’s magic hat spills birds
into the morning and they sing
of April.


steven said...

hi pauline - you've brought together the words in my head that i heard as i walked home yesterday. the sky, the wind, the feeling in all things is waving back and forth between here and there and so many people and perhaps all living things are willing it all along! steven

Brian Miller said...

smiles. a delightful will be here soon enough, until then it just teases...

Star said...

and the evenings and mornings are so cold still. Our trees are budding out but we could still have some sharp frosts. A very nice ditty, I enjoyed it.

herhimnbryn said...

Thankyou I needed to read this. We have been without power for 2.5 days due to a storm and very hot weather.

Judith said...

"Spring’s magic hat spills birds
into the morning and they sing
of April."
Beautiful! And the snowdrops, are they really blooming? We still have 6 foot mounds of snow on the front lawn!

Tabor said...

I particularly like the smoke and mirrors analogy because it IS like that. The sun through the windows and the early greens make you think the air is warm until you go outside and start to shudder.

Pauline said...

Steven - I like the idea that all living things are conspiring to bring spring!

thanks, Brian - I don't mind the teaser days. I know they are a taste of what's to come.

Thanks Star - buds are beginning to swell a bit here too but it's still icy cold!

HHB - hope things are improving out your way!

Judith - alas, there are last year's snowdrops!

Tabor - just so!

Anne said...

And, oh, how they do sing. I do like March, in spite of the bluster. It is so full of hope and promise.

Roberta S said...

Oh my, it has been such a winter of endurance -- beyond anything I could every remember from my past. Thank you for giving me courage to perservere and with those beautiful words the strength to get past this terrible burdensome season. I'm going to run outside right now and listen to a bird melody about April.

Land of shimp said...

Lovely, Pauline :-) I kept reading "violent winds" as "violet winds" and rather liked it. However, yours makes more sense.

I like March. It's very definite. Whatever it is doing, it is doing with a great deal of conviction. If it is cold, there's a bit to the cold. The wind tends to blow with determination and when the sun shines it looks like such a contrast between the rather gray landscape and the sun.

Yup, other months may have a gentler personality but you're never in doubt about what is on March's mind.

Sorry to blather on, Pauline. I was just tickled to find you considering March. March is one of those months people seem to want to heave out, even as it is happening.

Maybe that's why it is often in such an ill-temper!

Land of shimp said...

bite, not bit. I need more coffee.

Frank Baron said...

Well, I feel better now! (Winter was getting me down.)

Thanks, Pauline. :)

Marion said...

We've still got four feet of snow on the ground and another month of storms...I hope it melts in time for the tulips!

But even here, the birds appear, more and more, as they make their way farther north. And it is light far longer now and every once in awhile, I catch a lovely warm breeze.

Thank you for such a hopeful post!

Pauline said...

Anne - this time of year, this anticipating, is one of my favorite seasons

Roberta - even the longest winter ends sometime!

LOS - violet winds is a cool image. I love March for its
raucous entry into April!

Frank - winter has been longer and colder and snowier than in recent years but it's giving way to spring now :)

Marion - the trees and the birds know. Color is coming back to the landscape amid birdsong :)