Saturday, January 15, 2011


January snow
a crisp, white page,
a new year.

Nature sketches
last years grasses
to remind us of tomorrow’s—

Hardwoods show their bones,
redbirds paint
the hemlocks.

In the stark pewter sky
a crow featherstitches

White flakes drift like
windblown curtains—
January snow.


Marion said...

"White flakes drift like
windblown curtains—
January snow."...this is exactly what it looks like outside this morning...windblown sheer curtains of snow!

You've conjured up some beautiful images with this poem, Pauline..

steven said...

pauline - this is so good! so very good! you've really caught the very essence of what i'm looking at through my window at this very moment. steven

Tabor said...

I particularly like the "crow featherstitches the clouds." !! :-)

Molly said...

Brrrr. I'm gathering my cardigan tighter around me as I read! Even without the picture you've made me feel that bite of windblown snow.
You are an artist and words are your paints.....

Judith said...

This is gorgeous, Pauline.
Sumptuous --even in its spareness and precision.

Dulce said...

WOW- that is a unique way to describe the snow, all so white down as the words flow- and then that redbird... like the cherry on the whitw whitw cream cake...

Brian Miller said...

this is like a meditation...sketches last years grass to remind us of tomorrows...tight line..

Barbara said...

You've painted a beautiful picture in words. I especially like the image of the redbirds painting the hemlocks.

Lee said...

Almost makes me want to go where the snow is.


Anonymous said...

Sharp, spare, acute images - one of your best, I think, Pauline.

Pauline said...

Marion - that combination of light snow and wind often reminds me of curtains...

Steven - you're good at that yourself!

Tabor - the crows I saw were actually flying in a cross stitch pattern!

ah, thank you Molly!

Judith - sometimes less IS more :)

Dulce - red birds (and blue ones) look particularly bright this time of year...

Brian - thanks. I like that line, too

Barbara - there's a pair of cardinals that winter in the small woods adjacent to my house. I catch glimpses of the male in the the hemlock all the time and am struck anew each time by his brilliant color.

lee - I love the snow. Until mid-February...

Dick - high praise. I thank you!

Ruth said...

I just love the birds as active painters of nature. These simple short stanzas are beautifully rendered, Pauline. I'm impressed. And I really really like your template, which is perfect for the "white page."

focusfinder said...

Hardwood bones: I wonder if the skeletons of old trees become arthritic? Sometimes I hear them groaning in high winds.

Ruth D~ said...

You experience life as poetry. What a gift.

I particularly love this verse:
Nature sketches
last years grasses
to remind us of tomorrow’s—

Joanna Jenkins said...

Lovely Pauline, just lovely.

deb said...

I love your writing , Pauline.

Pauline said...

Ruth - some brevity was needed after than last long post!

B- I don't know about arthritis but they definitely groan!

Ruth D - what a wonderful observation. I hadn't thought of my poetry writing that way but you're right. I do live it - thanks!

Thank you JJ :)

deb - so glad you come to read