Thursday, October 22, 2009

One October Day

Today was a parting gift from summer. Temperatures soared into the 70s and the air was mild as milk.

Here and there patches of brilliantly colored leaves reflected the sunlight.

Clouds floated in the pond's mirrored surface.

Leaves that have fallen cover the lawn and line a path to the pond.

Fairy roses and purple asters still bloom in the side garden but the patio's border flowers have drooped or died.

Soon enough the winds of winter will blow through the naked trees, setting the branches a-clatter. Today, though, they whispered softly, charming the leaves from the trees to whirl and dance and drift.


Molly said...

Lovely red leaves! I miss that feeling of suspended animation between the last remnants of summer and serious, get-down-to-business, winter cold....but not much!

Barbara said...

It's that last gasp of color and warmth before we have to hunker down for winter.

I'm sure you enjoyed the patio throughout the summer.

Pauline said...

Ah Molly - I lived for a time where the seasons had no clear demarcation and it's one of the things I missed most.

Barbara - unfortunately the mosquitoes were so bad this summer I spent very little time on the patio. I am looking forward to being out there in the early springtime though, before the bugs hatch and swarm.

Jo said...

I love the red wagon. What a gorgeous photograph that is.

You have a wonderful way with words ... "mild as milk". It describes it perfectly.

herhimnbryn said...

Such colours! We are gearing up for a very hot summer this year, I am not looking forward to it.

JeannetteLS said...

Fairy roses and purple asters... yup. Just that picture alone made my heart happy. Thank you for these.

Lee said...

Lovely colours. Enjoy the season.

Pauline said...

Thanks, Jo.

Hey HHB. Today a cold rain is beating all those lovely colors into the ground.

They are my fall favorites, Jeannette. Thanks for stopping by.

The season is quickly passing, Lee. Every moment though is worth enjoying.

Meggie said...

I love those purple asters. I tried so hard to grow those beautiful Asters- in all places I have lived.