Sunday, July 06, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I'm growing my own vegetables, riding my bike to work, and buying local - all those years as a back-to-the-lander in the 1970s and 80s is paying off now. I wish I still had my wood cookstove!

beans, beans, the musical fruit...

thinning the beets results in plates full of rich, dark greens. The carrots are nicely feathered and I've been eating peas for a week!

these are the salad days!

purple potatoes all in a row.

what tomatoes don't get eaten out of hand the moment they're picked will be made into stewed tomatoes or pasta sauce.

Barring bug infestations, hail, or drought, I should have enough vegetables harvested and jarred or frozen to see me through the winter!


Roberta S said...

I enjoyed admiring all your garden stuff, pauline. My garden is doing well this year and for that I am grateful. Ripe tomatoes eaten straight from the bush are just like candy. And the salads, right now with that fresh lettuce they are like manna from the gods.

The Woman said...

we don't have but a few plants of each thing. It has poured down rain then had several hot steamy days that just made our dirt like concrete lucky if we get anything besides radishes out of it. Glad to see yours doing so well though

Barbara said...

I wish you were my CSA provider. You would probably have laughed at the tiny crate of fruits and veggies I picked up on Saturday, but they were indeed fresh and delicious!

herhimnbryn said...

No veggies here, but lots of oranges and grapefruit. My attempts at veg.growing end up as feasts for white fly. The herbs struggle on.

Your garden produce looks stunning. May I suggest cooking a pinch of Fennel seeds with your beans? Less music!

Pauline said...

i so agree, roberta! the little tomatoes especially-

thanks for stopping by woman... the radishes have been harvested and eaten but the rest is coming along. where do you live that your soil is so unforgiving?

barbara - if i thought the lettuce would survive I'd ship you a crate!

HHV - yeah, but the soles of our feet are touching like my summer to your winter... and thanks - I will try the fennel trick!

orgasmik said...

They all look so healthy and wonderful. Do you talk to them , i have the impression they talk to me!!
i love anything green with leaves pushing out to greet the sun!

Pauline said...

Yes, Or, I talk to them all the time. (I talk to trees and rocks, too, and the brook near my house, and the field grasses I wander through, and the stars. I stopped telling people so when I was a small child because I was ostracized but just lately I've decided I don't mind anymore if anyone knows.)