Sunday, August 26, 2007


Home again! Spent two weeks along the Oregon and California coasts, visiting family and camping with my son (here with me on Lagoon Creek Beach). It will take some time to process it all. Meanwhile, enjoy the view.

A 12-hug redwood!

Campground breakfast guest

Crater Lake

My brother and sisters


Dave said...

Welcome Home. I love your photos and missed your words. Knowing you are back is like sitting before a fire on a cold night. The comfort of being warmed by such warm words is once more only a click away.

Ruth D~ said...

Welcome back. I was going through the blogs I check routinely, and there you were. Are your sisters twins?

Beautiful pix!

Pauline said...

Thank you Dave! It's always a pleasure to see your comments here. I like being compared to a fire on a winter's night -

Thanks Ruth. Yes, my sisters are twins and three years younger than I. My brother is three years older. We aren't often together so this visit was a treat.

meggie said...

When I read your sisters are twins, I was relieved! I thought I was seeing double.
Good to see you back, & what lovely pics.

Barbara said...

There's a strong family resemblance. What a wonderful family reunion.

Mother of Invention said...

Glad you had a rejuvenating visit! Did you see any mountain lions? My husband saw a lynx and its cub..(kitten?)on our trip into the bush, while he was riding his bike!

Hann said...

Oh that's just too lovely!!
I got twin aunties?? LOL ;-)